Psychedelic Resources

Looking for more on the research or details about psychedelics, psychedelic integration, and psychedelic-assisted therapy? You’ve found the right place. Below are a collection of some great resources to learn more.

If you’re a resident of Alberta, and you’re looking to work with a psychologist to improve your mental health and quality of life, please consider working with Zac Erickson. (Note: I am currently working on the logistics of providing legal psychedelic-assisted therapy through the Special Access Program for eligible clients. For early inquiries, or other therapy inquiries, please contact me.)

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MAPS Canada – The Canadian branch of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies focuses on advancing the medical, legal, and cultural understanding of psychedelics and marijuana. Through research and education, MAPS Canada aims to harness these substances’ therapeutic potential.

Psychedelic Association of Canada – This organization promotes the integration of psychedelics into Canadian society. It aims to bridge the gap between the psychedelic community and mainstream culture, advocating for informed and responsible use.

DoubleBlind Magazine – A publication at the heart of the psychedelic movement, DoubleBlind covers everything from scientific research to personal stories, offering deep insights into the use of psychedelics for healing and growth.

ATMA Journey Centers – ATMA offers a comprehensive program for healthcare professionals, enabling them to integrate psychedelic therapy into their practice. Their work is helping to address the mental health care accessibility gap in Canada.

Subjective Effect Index – An invaluable tool for understanding the myriad effects of psychedelics, the Subjective Effect Index categorizes the psychological and physiological experiences users report, aiding in safer and more informed usage.

Spinoza – Located in the Netherlands (where psilocybin truffles are legal), Spinoza takes a holistic approach to psychedelics, emphasizing nature, meditative practices, and music as integral to the experience. Their programs are designed for personal growth and reconnection with nature, supported by a dedicated team of experts across various fields. Spinoza’s retreats, conducted in a serene, nature-enveloped setting, aim to provide profound personal growth opportunities through carefully curated psychedelic experiences.

Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Journeys Playlist – A compiled playlist of music for use in psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions. This playlist has been used in may of the clinical trials for psilocybin.

Psychedelic Educational YouTube Playlist – A list of educational and/or entertainment videos on YouTube to learn more about psychedelics. Please note, inclusion on this list is not endorsement of the beliefs or statements by Recharge Psychology. Inclusion is intended for harm reduction purposes.